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Uliana K. Tarabara
PhD student, Junior Research Fellow



The title of my PhD thesis is "Spectroscopic and molecular dynamics studies of fibrillar protein aggregates". This research is aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of interactions between the novel cyanine dyes and amyloid fibrils using fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulations. More specifically, my goals are: determination of the quantitative characteristics of the dye binding to lysozyme and insulin amyloid fibrils, selection of the most sensitive amyloid markers, development of the novel method for amyloid detection based on the cyanine H- and J-aggregates formation on the fibril surface, and molecular dynamics simulations of the effects of amyloidogenic mutations on the protein stability.
Aston University, United Kingdom, 2018, The research practice supervised by Dr. Dmitry Nerukh.
From left to right: In the laboratory of Dr. Dmitry Nerukh, with a symbol of Aston University, and with the scientists of the University.
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