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Olga A. Zhytniakivska (Ryzhova)
PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor



The title of my PhD thesis is "Interactions between new fluorescent dyes and model membranes". My research is concerned with elucidating the nature of interactions between the newly synthesized dyes (benzanthrone derivatives synthesized in Riga Technical University) and lipid bilayer, a major structural element of cellular membranes. More specifically, my goals are: investigation of the dyes adsorption onto lipid bilayer, fluorescent probe effect on physicochemical properties of lipid bilayer and spatial organization of the dye-lipid complexes.
The 17-th CIMO Winter School, Tvarminne zoological station, Tvarminne, Finland, 2013
From left to right of the right photo: Ms Hannele Ahti, Senior Specialist, Center of International Mobility, Finland; Prof. Pertti Panula, Research Director of the Neuroscience Center and Institute of Biomedicine, University of Helsinki, Finland.
International Conference “Molecular, membrane, and cellular bases of biosystem functioning”, 2012, Minsk, Belarus
From left to right of the left photo: Olga Zhytniakivska and Olga Kutsenko.
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